Roman Treasures
Buried and rediscoverd

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the famous Roman gold jewellery from Lunnern (Reuss valley) in the canton of Zurich, which was discovered and excavated in 1741.

This treasure consisted of jewellery and silver coins and was hidden circa 260 AD. Many wealthy people were worried about raids at that time and hid their valuables. Often they were unable to recover their property. More than a thousand years later, archaeologists then discovered these treasures, so-called hoards.

In the exhibition, many of these spectacular finds from across the Roman Empire will be presented together for the first time. Their historical and social context provides a lively image of the past times.

In addition, drawings and numerous documents pertaining to the first excavations in Lunnern supply a view into the Age of Enlightenment. During this time Art Chambers and Cabinets of Curiosity were founded, the forerunners of todays museums. The „Wasserkirche“ in Zurich - where the treasure from Lunnern was on display after it’s discovery - also served in this function.

ROMAN TREASURES - Buried and rediscoverd
21.11.2008 - 22.03.2009


(in German)

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